Let your ideas take flight

The mission of Sigma Eta Pi is to transform individuals into starters who follow their passion, develop lasting relationships, and create value through innovative pursuits. We educate our brothers and sisters with the most comprehensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem and venture processes, while equiping them with a concrete set of skills sourced from the diverse backgrounds of our family.


We're a community of best friends collaborating to do amazing things. Join us in changing the world.


We promote ingenuity, innovation, and the joy of doing novel things. With over 25 ventures to date, we've done just that.


Our diverse academic backgrounds, including over 22 different majors, allow us to apply what we learn to the real world.

A Message from Our President


My name is Sumana Kaluvai and I am the current president of Sigma Eta Pi at UCLA. I am extremely excited that you are interested in joining our family!

I joined SEP the fall quarter of my Sophomore year and to now have the honor to lead such an impactful organization is amazing! This organization helped motivate, inspire and challenge me in ways that made me grow an unprecedented amount. Joining SEP has been one of the most pivotal decisions I made in college; it has led me to my best friends, mentors, and most importantly my home away from home.

SEP’s members include some of the most hardworking and successful students on UCLA’s campus and we as an organization strive to provide utmost value to our members. We provide internal mentorship, alumni connections, private office tours, workshops, external info sessions, campus events and most importantly a community for entrepreneurially minded students on UCLA’s campus.

Every single member has a unique story that has led them to the path of hard work and entrepreneurship and we are humbled to provide resources to our members to help them on their journey!

We actively recruit members during fall and winter quarters. Please come join us at our upcoming Fall Rush during Week 1 of Fall quarter. Our rush events provide a time for you to learn more about the fraternity and get to know the current brothers and sisters and to ask us any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing your story and meeting you at rush!

Sumana Kaluvai

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